Some of current inorganic chemicals which can be safely handled in Standard and Universal gloves
Arsenates – sodium, potassium, silver
Boracic Acid
Potassium Borate
Bromic Acid - Salts
Nitric Acid optim. up to 10 per cent
Nitrates – ammonium, potassium, sodium etc.
Nitrites – amonium, potassium, sodium, etc.
Dichromates – sodium, potassium etc.
Ferri- and Ferro- cyanides, amonium, potassium, etc.
Fluorides – amonium, potassium, sodium, etc.
Phosphates – amonium, potassium, sodium, kalcium, etc
Hydride – sodium, calcium
Hydroxides – barium, potassium, sodium, kalcium, etc. (40%) more than  480 min
Chlorates – potassium, sodium
Chlorides – amonium, potassium, aluminium, sodium, etc.
Hydrochloric Acid
Chromates – amonium, potassium, sodium
Iodates – potassium, sodium
Iodides – potassium, sodium, etc.
Periodic Acid salts
Silicic Acid
Silicates – potassium, sodium
Cyanides – potassium, sodium
Potassium Permanganate
Molybdates – amonium, sodium
Magnesium Pyrophosphate
Pyrosulphites – potassium, sodium
Sulphates – amonium, potassium, aluminium, kalcium, etc.
Sodium Thiosulphate
Sulphides – amonium, potassium, sodium, etc.
Sulphuric Acid 96% more than 480 min
Sulphites – potassium, sodium, calcium
Sulphocyanides – amonium, barium, potassium
Carbonates – amonium, potassium, sodium, calcium
Tungstates – potassium, sodium
Some of current organic chemicals which can be safely handled in Standard and Universal gloves
Citric Acid
Malic Acid
Lactic Acid
Formic Acid
Acetic Acid
Oxalic Acid
Tannic Acid
Methanol more than 60 min
Ethyl Alcohol
Butyl Alcohol
Isopropyl Alcohol
Phenols (2%) more than 480 min
Generally PVC gloves cannot resist the destructive influence of the majority of organic solvents by a long time exposure. If we do not have any better choice we can use the Universal gloves only under sever control in given conditions (concentration of the chemical, temperature, mechanical strain of the glove). The following table shows approximate time limits of safe use before the penetration of the chemical occurs.
Acetone less than 10 minutes
Benzene less than 10 minutes
Iso-propanol more than 10 minutes
Methyl iso-butyl ketone more tthan 10 minutes
Chloroprene less than 10 minutes
Toluene less than 10 minutes
Xylene less than 10 minutes
Ethyl Benzene more than 10 minutes
Ethylene Oxide more than 30 minutes
Dichloropropane more than 10 minutes
Styrene more than 10 minutes
Dimethyl Formamide more than 10 minutes
Heptane more than 30 minutes
Methyl Ethyl Ketone less than 10 minutes
Epichlorohydrin more than 10 minutes
Trichloropropane more than 30 minutes
DI-isopropylether more than 10 minutes
Warning!!! TETRAHYDROFURAN, CYCLOHEXANONE and CHLOROBENZENE are solvents of PVC destroying the PVC layer very fast !


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