The gloves dipped in PVC pastes are certified every year. It is a regular process to verify the quality stability of our gloves during the period of validity of the certificate. The products are certified by an accredited certification body.
The certification gives credibility to our product.
We have chosen a CZECH accredited certification body for the STANDARD gloves, in compliance with the tradition of DG TACHOV. The production of these gloves was started in 1968.

certifikát 1
The type of certificate was issued by the Research Institute of Work Safety, with registered office at Jeruzalémská 9, 116 52 Prague 1, Czech Republic, Authorized person 235, Notified person No. 1024.
We have chosen a FOREIGN accredited certification body for the UNIVERSAL gloves, as we wanted to observe also foreign standards.

certifikát 2
The safety and harmlessness of our gloves are warranted also by certification for direct contact with food.

certifikát 3
At present, we are working at an anti-coldness test.

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