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DG TACHOV Company Ltd. is the sole manufacturer of dipped work gloves in the Czech Republic and one of the few still operating in Europe. The company offers high-quality dipped gloves in various sizes, colors, and lengths. The gloves from Tachov are dipped in PVC pastes. The gloves have a widespread use in all sectors of industry, manufacturing as well as in households, and provide a high level protection against mechanical, chemical, and biological risks. All conform to EN 420, EN 374, and EN 388 standards. Production lines DG Tachov are also applicable for relatively small production runs. Therefore, they can even be adapted to special requirements
of customers with strict quality control.

The main objective of the company is to offer customers a full assortment of goods, professional approach, quality products at competitive prices, and above all to be a reliable partner to its customers in the field of personal protective equipment. Therefore, in our selection of gloves you can only find reliable products that will effectively protect your hands within any activity. The main priority is to satisfy our customers. Therefore, we will be honored to adjust to their requirements. We ship goods from 200 pieces, choosing color, size, etc.

Our production was launched in 1958. The complex renewal of the entire factory started in 1999. The modernization of production processes in cooperation with foreign and domestic experts and the qualification and experience of the employees ensure the high quality standards of our production. Toxic phthalates are never to be found in the protective gloves of DG Tachov. They were replaced by modern softeners recommended by experts of BASF and LANXESS. A standard production program includes more than 100 items in various sizes, colors, and lengths.

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What are phthalates?
- These are phthalic acid esters and are used as plasticizers in the production of PVC.
- The weight ratio of plasticizers in PVC is 30-51%. In the case of gloves, the share is actually around 50%.
- The main problem with phthalates is that they are not chemically bonded. Throughout the PVC life cycle, phthalates can be released and can contaminate air, soil and water.
- Last but not least, it can endanger all living organisms including humans.
- In the case of use of the work gloves containing phthalates, it is easy to get into the blood circulation of a user through direct contact with the skin.
- The human organism can eliminate 60-90% of phthalates from the body, but the rest accumulates in the body. With the regular wearing of such gloves, phthalates are very dangerous for the user's health.
Specific examples of health hazards:
- Deterioration of human immunity,
- Endangerment of lung, liver and kidney function
- Increasing the risk of allergies and asthma,
- Negative effect on blood clotting and hormonal and reproductive system especially in young and teenage men
Phthalate-free production in DG Tachov
- In 2012 DG Tachov launched a phthalate-free production.
- Phthalate softeners have been replaced with phthalate-free softeners, which do not endanger the health of their users and at the same time do not endanger the natural environment.
- DG Tachov uses Mesamoll softener for the manufacture of PVC gloves, which is also suitable for the food industry.
- DG Tachov differs from the vast majority of its competitors by offering protective work gloves to protect against the harmful effects of phthalates.




We will attendent:
Intersec Dubai (UAE 2016)
National Hardware Show Las Vegas (USA 2016)
Expoprotection (Paris 2016)
Intersec Dubai (UAE 2017)
A+A Düseldorf (Germany 2017)
Intersec Dubai (UAE 2018)
Eisenwarenmesse Köln (GERMANY 2018)
Euro Safety Tampere (FINLAND 2018)
Expoprotection Paris (FRANCE 2018)
Dubaj (UAE 2019)
A+A Düsseldorf (Germany 2019)
Intersec Dubai (UAE 2020)
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